The MPAA Advertising Administration reviews every piece of marketing that is used to promote any film rated by the Classification and Rating Administration. This adds up to more than 60,000 pieces of marketing each year, including theatrical, home video and online trailers, print ads, radio and TV spots, press kits, billboards, bus shelters, posters and other promotional materials.

Their review process is exhaustive and they take every step possible to ensure that all advertising content is suitable for the particular audience that views it. Their goal is to give parents the same confidence in movie advertising that they have in the movie rating system, while also allowing filmmakers to responsibly market their films to their intended audiences.

In the theater, their objective is to give parents a reasonable expectation that if they are comfortable enjoying the content of the feature film they have chosen to see with their children, then they will be comfortable with the content of the trailers preceding it. Movie trailers featuring stronger content are permitted to run only with compatible features. They are also working closely with filmmakers to allow them to reach their target audiences in innovative ways. For this reason, you may see advertising with stronger content on television only at certain times, on certain channels or with certain programs, or on specific websites depending on the content of the advertising, including sites which are intended only for adults, as well as on restricted websites.

Want to know more about how the over 60,000 pieces of movie advertising submitted annually? Click here for the Advertising Rules, which include how advertisements are reviewed and approved to play with compatible programming, and the rating information they provide.