NATO’s Independent Theater Owners Committee (ITOC) provides a forum for discussion and information exchange between smaller theater owners and operators with fewer than 75 screens.



Chairwoman Colleen Barstow (Omaha, NE), along with Vice Chairwoman Emelyn Stuart (Brooklyn, NY) preside over the ITOC.

In addition to the committee leadership, four elected volunteer members serve on NATO’s Executive Board of Directors, the top decision-making body within the association.  The current elected volunteer members are Paul Gunsky (CineLux), Randy Hester (Hometown Cinemas) and Joseph Masher (Bow Tie Cinemas).

These six individuals spearhead dialogue and advocacy for independent owners and operators within the exhibition industry.

Key Topics

Recent Events

In conjunction with each CinemaCon convention, NATO offers special programming geared toward independent theater operators. The goal is to provide greater interest and value to all of NATO’s independent member companies.


The ITOC meets bi-annually, in the spring at CinemaCon, and in the fall at the Summit.


All NATO member companies who operate fewer than 75 screens are eligible to participate. Volunteer members can determine their own level of involvement within the committee.

For more information about the ITOC or joining NATO, please contact Erin Von Hoetzendorff.