Argentina  11.723 of Scientific, Literacy and Artistic Property Up to 6 years in prison

Brazil  Arts. 184of the Penal Code Article 184, as amended by Lei 10.695/03, has a main provision covering acts of infringement in a general manner, and three other provisions establishing increased penalties for more specific offenses. The main provision simply states that it is a crime to “violate author’s rights and neighboring rights,” with a penalty of three months to one year of imprisonment, or a fine to be judicially determined. Article 184, §§ 1 through 3 deal with copyright infringement in the context of commercial activity, requiring either direct or indirect profit. These offenses are punished with two to four years of imprisonment and a judicially determined fine.

Chile  Art. 79 of Copyright Law N°17.336. This article states that a crime against copyright is committed by the one who uses a protected work without authorization, in one of the conducts established in Art. 18. The latter article says that the authorization of the owner of the related rights is needed in order to use the work through any proceeding, including its reproduction. Imprisonment from 61 to 540 days, plus fines from USD $300 to USD $3,000, approximately.

Dominican Republic  Copyright Law 65-00 and its modifications, making it illegal to reproduce any copyright work using any kind of procedure or technique under Law 65-00. Penalty is 6 months to 3 years’ imprisonment and fine up to 1,000 times the minimum wage.

Mexico  An anti-camcord bill was introduced on October, 2009. Passage still pending. Imprisonment from 2 to 7 years, plus fines from USD $8,800 to USD $66,000 approximately (2,000 and 15,000 times the minimum wage, respectively).

Peru  Possible coverage under Copyright Law and Criminal Law, which makes it illegal to reproduce any copyright work. Fine up to USD $180,000 Under Criminal lawfrom 4 to 8 years in prison.