Given NATO’s worldwide footprint, global coordination remains a high priority for the association.  Many of the same issues confront exhibitors across all territories.  NATO maintains a strong relationship with other international associations to share ideas and information.  The growth of the cinema industry around the world necessitates that NATO continue to expand its scope worldwide.  The below information describes several of those fellow associations.

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World Map


Australia:  The Independent Cinema Association of Australia (ICAA)

The Independent Cinema Association of Australia (ICAA) is the cinemas association of record for Australian independent cinemas with a membership ranging from single screens in rural areas through to metropolitan multiplex circuits. ICAA has members in every state and territory in Australia representing nearly 670 screens across 160 cinema locations. ICAA and the New Zealand Motion Picture Exhibitors Association (NZMPEA) entered into an historic governance agreement which brings shared representation to more than 650 member screens in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia:  National Association of Cinema Operators – Australasia (NACO)australia

The National Association of Cinema Operators-Australasia (NACO) represents its members in “whole of industry” issues that may confront them from time to time. The Board incorporates senior executive members from both major national cinema operations as well as state-based cinema chains and independent cinemas from each state of Australia. NACO continues to host the Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) – the conference that takes place on Queensland’s Gold Coast in October each year and which attracts over 1000 delegates from within Australia, New Zealand and abroad. NACO has an active relationship with other international cinema and theatre owner associations to facilitate best practices in, and protection of, an industry that has thrived since celluloid was first projected onto a screen in the 19th century.

Brazil:  Associação Brasileira das Empresas Exibidoras Cinematográficas Operadoras de Multiplex (Abraplex)  

Created in 2000 with the aim of developing an institutional representation of multiplex owners in Brazil.  The association has been consolidated over the years as a space to act in defense of the interests of the exhibition sector.  At the time, cinemas with more than six screens were a new trend, and it was important to have an institution that was attentive to the interests of this new segment in the Brazilian exhibition market.

Canada:  The Movie Theatre Associations of Canada (MTAC)canada

The Movie Theatre Associations of Canada (MTAC) is a national non-profit association representing movie theatres across the country.  The Association’s goal is to forward and promote the film exhibition industry in Canada.  MTAC also produces ShowCanada – a yearly convention in Canada that brings together all sectors of the film industry.


Denmark:  Danske Biografer / Danish Cinema

Danske Biografer is a trade association for all cinemas in Denmark (and Greenland!), from small to large multiplexes. The association wishes to reflect these cinemas wishes and energy. The aim is to support and preserve the livelihood of as many cinemas as possible, and to increase the audience’s visit frequency. Danske Biografer wants to initiate and support initiatives and projects, and among other things, cooperation with other relevant institutions, such as the The Danish Distributors Association and the Danish Film Institute. Danske Biografer also wants to actively participate in relevant cultural activities and marketing projects to influence the development of the industry, both commercially and legislatively. It is also the association’s desire to influence all film stakeholders to better understand our product and our business position and place in the cultural whole.

EUEurope:  The Union Internationale des Cinémas (UNIC) / International Union of Cinemas

The Union Internationale des Cinémas/International Union of Cinemas is the European grouping of cinema trade associations and key operators, covering 38 territories across the region. We promote the cultural, social and economic benefits of a vibrant cinema-going culture in Europe and provide a strong and influential voice for European cinema operators on issues of shared interest.

finlandFinland:  Finnish Cinema Exhibitors’ Association

The Finnish Cinema Exhibitors’ Association is engaged in business, government and private professional association. Established in 1938, member theaters comprise 186 sites (300 auditoriums). The Member Bulletin is published on a regular basis, about once a month.


franceFrance:  Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF) / The National Federation of French Cinemas

La Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF), founded in 1945, is a trade union of cinema owners and operators. It is administered by a Federal Council, which brings together the presidents of the member unions of the Federation. The fundamental role of the FNCF is to be the representative of all cinemas with all potential stakeholders, starting with the Public Authorities: the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC), Parliament, etc. This role is also important to other professional organizations, such as writers, producers, distributors, broadcasters, video, etc. The FNCF may have to intervene in any other area where it concerns the general interest of the operation and cinema.

germanyGermany:  Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater Kino e.V / HDF Cinema Association

With around 610 member companies, representing approximately 3,180 screens, HDF is the largest national association and the strongest advocacy for cinema operators. Founded in 1950 in Wiesbaden, HDF looks back on a successful and formative association history. HDF Cinema Association is a membership association open to all types of operating cinema in Germany. It is neither a club nor an association which limits its activities to a particular industry segment. The HDF Cinema Association preserves and promotes the common interests of the cinemas in Germany. Its purpose is to represent the interests of the cinemas over the other branches of the film industry. These include authorities, parliaments, and the umbrella organizations of the industrial economy and cultural life at the national and international level.

hungaryHungary:  Mozisok Orszagos Szovetsege

The association, in more than a decade of work, has become a recognized non-profit society of motion picture culture. Its representatives created a professional advisory board of professional film organizations, calling for preparation and evaluation of pertinent issues. Since 1999, the association has been a member of the International Association of Theater Owners/UNIC. The group’s work can only continue to be based on a broad membership to confirm goals, identify programs and actively engage in policy. The alliance will only have a chance to increase its influence if people know the concerns and problems of cinema operators through wide support of the association members.

italyItaly:  Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema (ANEC) / The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association

ANEC is an association of companies that engage in cinema exhibition. Among the primary goals of the association (founded January 31, 1947): the representation at national, European and international level for its members against the authorities, third parties and other associations of employers and providers of work, for all that concerns matters of a business; the protection of the interests of cinemas, and to support their economic development, including through the implementation of initiatives of a promotional nature; the provision of services to its members, advice and assistance relating to the cinema sector.

Mexico: Cámara Nacional de la Industria Cinematográfica

In 1942, the cinematographic industry (110 cinemas and 73 companies) linked with the Association of Producers and Distributors of Films, making a total of 183 cinemas at that time. The authorization for the constitution and operation of CANACINE by the authorities was a good measure, since in those years the film companies were not united, and they needed the representation of a chamber that protected their interests and at the same time worked with government representatives. Finally, and in accordance with the progress of technology, in 1994 the Ministry of Economy authorized CANACINE to include producers and distributors of videos, so then the company name was modified and constituted as Cámara Nacional de la Industria Cinematográfica y del Videograma. During its 73 years of existence, the entrepreneurs of the Mexican cinematography industry have formed an excellent team, and to this day they continue in the search for solutions to their problems, allowing for the development and operation of the film industry as a whole.

The Netherlands:  Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten (NVB) / NVB Trade Associationnetherlands

The NVB is the trade association for all cinema and movie theater operators in the Netherlands. It aims collective advocacy, promotion, and professional communication in the broadest sense of the word. All cinemas and movie theaters in the Netherlands are connected. Advocacy takes place, inter alia, by making collective agreements and the conclusion of contracts with unions, suppliers and other for the operation and management of cinemas and movie theaters major parties. In addition, the NVB serves as the interlocutor with governments, international organizations and networks in the field of operation of cinemas and movie theaters. Every activity of the NVB is designed to serve, sometimes clearly visible, the interests of the members, sometimes in the background.

Nigeria:  Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN)

The Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) is an association of cinema owners, operators and managers incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on February 13, 2018. CEAN (for short) represents its members on issues of common interest that may confront them from time to time. Issues not limited to, Film licensing/Classification/Censorship fees, Taxation, Government Relations, Cinema Education and Piracy which affect the cinema business and the industry as a whole. The ever growing debate about distribution windows between theatrical and home entertainment (VOD, TV, DVD) release is another issue that will be monitored closely in order to protect the significant investment made by cinema owners in Nigeria

The fundamental role of the CEAN is to be the authorized representative of all cinema owners and operators on these issues, starting with the Government Authorities: Ministry of Communication and Culture, National Film and Videos Censors Board, Nigerian Customs, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria Copyright Commission, and The National Assembly, etc.

In the face of ever-growing viewing and distribution offerings available to film consumers in Nigeria today, CEAN endeavors to assist exhibitors in continually delivering unparalleled movie-going experiences to audiences everywhere, shining the spotlight on the excitement and communal effect of “going to the movies” and seeing films on the “Big Screen”.

Norway:  Film & Kino

Film & Kino is a combination of membership organization for Norwegian municipalities and trade association for the cinema and video industry. The organization, which was founded in 1917 under the name of Municipal Cinemas Association (KKL), manages the Norwegian Cinema and Film Foundation (NKFF) and operates in addition Bygdekinoen. Film & Kino’s task is to ensure film to the public in the country, whether in the cinema, the festival or on dvd. The organization will facilitate both the big cinema experience and the conscious use of dvd, and be the guarantor of quality and diversity.

spainSpain:  Federación de Cines de España (FECE) / Cinema Federation of Spain

Founded in 1977, the Cinema Federation of Spain is an non-profit business institution created to represent the film exhibition sector in Spain. Its partners are film entrepreneurs, film exhibition companies, associations and business groups, and associative entities that can integrate the above categories. The federation is wholly integrated and now represents 80% of screens in the country.


sw-lgflagSweden:  Sveriges Biografägareförbund / Swedish Cinema Owners Association

The Swedish Cinema Owners Association is a non-profit organization with the purpose of bringing together members to unify Swedish cinema; safeguarding the cinema owners’ interests and their rights; ensuring that the financial conditions of the cinema are not compromised; and promoting the healthy development of the film industry and its reputation. The association was founded in 1915, and each year holds an annual meeting. Society works as, among other things, a consultee on various issues and represents theater owners in the film agreement with the state.

switzerlandSwitzerland:  Association Cinématographique Suisse / Pro Cinema

Association Cinématographique Suisse is the umbrella association for the industry, representing, as such, the legacy of Swiss cinema. It gathers data, maintains statistics and rankings, and monitors what films were shown at what time and in what auditoriums. They also represent the interests of the industry, which is equivalent to a political mission.



United Kingdom: UK Cinema Association Ltd.

The UKCA represents the interests of over 90 per cent of UK cinema operators by number and market share. The UKCA membership includes single screen/owner managed sites as well as the largest circuit and multiplex operators. The UKCA advocates on behalf of the UK cinema sector at international, national, regional and local level. This includes lobbying and working with Government at all levels, with other sectors of the film industry, particularly distribution, as well as working with others to promote the value of cinema to the wider public. In addition we provide advice and support to individual members on interpreting and adhering to legislation and regulation, and in dealing with day to day operational issues as appropriate.

USUnited States: National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)

The National Association of Theatre Owners is the largest exhibition trade organization in the world, representing more than 33,000 movie screens in all 50 states, and additional cinemas in 102 countries worldwide. Our membership includes the largest cinema chains in the world and hundreds of independent theatre owners too. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a second office in Los Angeles, California, NATO represents its members in the heart of the nation’s capital as well as the center of the entertainment industry. From these vantage points, NATO helps exhibition influence federal policy-making and work with movie distributors on all areas of mutual concern, from new technologies to legislation, marketing, and First Amendment issues.