Job description

Gathering, analyzing and reporting data in support of NATO’s strategic initiatives.

Issues covered
Industry Data, Theatrical Release Window
Work experience summary

Prior to joining NATO, Phil worked with for more than seven years. While with BoxOffice, he built a data/prediction business, maintained relationships with trade publications in India and China, and was quoted regularly by CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and many others. Phil joined NATO in December 2015.

Catasauqua, PA (You know the Billy Joel song “Allentown”? Well, it’s right next door)
DeSales University
Favorite Film
Michael Mann’s The Insider, and anything Stanley Kubrick ever made
Concession stand must haves
Junior Mints or Oreo Churros
Favorite cinema memory

When I first started working in this business, I went to see a press screening of Where The Wild Things Are in New York City. Right before the movie started, Mike Nichols walked in. It may sound corny, but at that moment it really hit home for me that I was now part of a great industry.