Job description

I have the honor of working with the amazing people at NATO, CinemaCon, and the Cinema Foundation to tirelessly promote the cultural and economic impact of the theatrical exhibition industry around the globe.

Issues covered
If it impacts theatre owners, we cover it.
Work experience summary

My career in Washington began in the United States Senate. Following my time on the Hill, I had the distinct privilege of working at the United States Department of Justice for eight years before moving to the entertainment space. I have worked the Motion Picture Association, 21st Century Fox, and the Entertainment Software Association before joining NATO.

I was born in Alexandria, VA., but grew up in beautiful Missoula, MT.
Arizona State University and the University of Arizona College of Law. GO DEVILS!!
Favorite Film
The Dark Knight
Concession stand must haves
Favorite cinema memory

When I was a boy, I went to the movie MacArthur with my grandfather. He had served in the Army under General MacArthur and knew him well. For a young boy to watch part of his grandfather’s life unfold on the big screen while sitting next to him, was something I won’t forget.