Job description

Help manage all aspects associated with CinemaCon, including liaison with delegates, studios, sponsors, trade show participants, and third party consultants and vendors, in addition to working on technical aspects, the convention web site and app.

Issues covered
Work experience summary

Fresh out of college, I joined the Marketing department at Adweek and quickly gravitated to event coordination, managing conferences at Internet World and ad:tech in 1995.  A few years later, I led the multi-brand event group for Adweek, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, which featured the successful What Teens Want and The Next Big Idea series.  In 2008 I had the good fortune to join the Film Expo Group as Director of Operations for ShoWest, ShowEast, CineEurope, and CineAsia, and in late 2011 had the even better fortune of joining NATO and the CinemaCon team as Associate Director.

Old Bridge, NJ
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Favorite Film
Pulp Fiction (1994)
Concession stand must haves
Coke and buttered popcorn
Favorite cinema memory

With still vivid memories of my first cinema experience (“Jaws” at the age of two), other top memories include cutting a line of 1,000+ to see (and love) “Return of the Jedi” with friends on its opening night and the monthly (pre-cable) trips my dad would take my older brother and I on to the Fortway and Oceana theatres in Brooklyn, where, after retiring from the NYPD, he worked as a security guard while we got to see 3-4 movies per night.