Job description

I support the Global Cinema Federation and Industry Relations by helping to maintain and collect information, communicate with members, and prepare reports and presentations, among other various tasks. I also coordinate the administrative affairs of the North Hollywood office.

Issues covered
Global Cinema Federation, Movie Theft, Theatrical Release Window, Technology
Work experience summary

My professional life started with a summer job at a movie theater. From there, I interned a small PR firm and later, a promotional marketing agency. I then took a full time position in event marketing for a staffing and consulting firm in the healthcare technology and IT field. I assisted with corporate events like holiday parties, summer picnics, and food truck days while managing our trade show exhibition schedule at industry-related shows. I also coordinated event-related social media campaigns and managed our promotional item inventory.

West Hills, CA
University of Portland
Favorite Film
Moonrise Kingdom
Concession stand must haves
Popcorn and a box of Buncha Crunch
Favorite cinema memory

Working at a movie theater! It was the best first job ever. No day ever looked or felt the same as I jumped around from usher to concessions to ticket drop and box office. It was eye-opening to learn all that goes into a smooth day at a busy theater. Plus, I was able to watch movies for free and I created lifelong friendships with many of my coworkers. It’s no wonder I kept returning for a total of three summers.