Job description

Oversees all facets of the association regarding membership services, including CinemaCon. Also serves as the liaison to the International Associations representing NATO members and various territories overseas.

Issues covered
Membership, Independents, International, CinemaCon, Technology
Work experience summary

Completed a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Directing from the Catholic University of America (DC), and then worked as a director at theaters such as Fords Theater and the Delaware Shakespeare Festival. Joined NATO in December 2007.

Daphne, AL
Auburn University (“War Eagle!”)
Favorite Film
Big Fish (2003)
Concession stand must haves
Popcorn & Soda Water
Favorite cinema memory

My dad took my brother and me to see “Star Wars” at the Orange Park cinema in Jacksonville, FL.  In fact, we saw all three original Star Wars films at that cinema while visiting our grandparents during those summers.  The goal was to avoid any commercials, reviews, or word of mouth from friends before we actually saw the movie, which was easier in those days.  I only wish my memory could recall the crowd reaction for any specific moment, i.e. the scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” when Darth Vader reveals his true identity to Luke Skywalker.  Alas, I might have been asleep (I was only 3 years old at the time). But that’s why kids are great – kids and your friends who’ve lived under a rock all their lives: That moment remains new for them.