Job description

Oversees the administrative and executive functions of the Cinema Foundation.


Issues covered
To promote the essential moviegoing experience through collaboration with stakeholders across the entire industry and to develop future diverse workforces and grow moviegoing communities through research, education, and philanthropy.
Work experience summary

I started my career working in New York City for a group sales agency on Broadway.  I have since found a passion for the arts and non-profit work. I have held positions at major regional theatres, non-profit health systems, and symphony orchestras. Prior to joining the Cinema Foundation, I was the Executive Director for the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, a regional orchestra innovating the symphonic experience.

Wheeling, WV
California State University, Fullerton
Favorite Film
Big Fish & Lord of the Rings Triology
Concession stand must haves
Snowcaps and Sprite
Favorite cinema memory

I love movies that can transport you into a new world and take you on an emotional journey. I have to say I still remember seeing Big Fish in the theatre and relating to the story and crying a lot. That’s the power of cinema.