1705 N Street, NW
Washington, DC   20036   USA
+ 202 962 0054 [email protected]


John Fithian

President & CEO

Lou DiGioia

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Halstead

Director of Government Relations and Strategy Development

Phil Contrino

Director of Media & Research

Alex Rich

Associate Director of State Government Relations

Enid Palazzolo

Finance Manager

Cheryl Dickson

Executive Assistant/Office Manager
3450 Cahuenga Blvd W, #410
Los Angeles, CA   90068   USA
+1 818 506 1778 [email protected]


Jackie Brenneman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Patrick Corcoran

Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

Erin Von Hoetzendorff

Manager of Membership and Global Affairs
60 Cuttermill Road   Suite 413
Great Neck, NY   11021   USA
+1 516 439 5511 [email protected]


Mitch Neuhauser

Managing Director

Matt Pollock

Associate Managing Director

Matt Shapiro

Director of Operations

Cynthia Schuler

Finance Manager

Please contact NATO Headquarters before contacting these representatives directly.

Jerry Pierce

Technology Consultant Disruptive Solutions 
+1 650 843 9949 jerry [at] jerrypierce [dot] org

Chris Prueher

Codes Consultant Code Consultants, Inc. 
+1 213 622 5880 chrisp [at] codeconsultants [dot] com

Chris Rauch

+ 1 202 962 0054 cr [at] natodc [dot] com

Stan Reynolds

Insurance Consultant Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc. 
+1 515 895 3894 s.w.reynolds [at] reynolds-reynolds [dot] com

Randy Smith

Legal, GR and Security Consultant  
+1 865 803 2733 Raymond [dot] Randy [dot] Smith [at] gmail [dot] com