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15 Things We Learned at CinemaCon
By Kevin Polowy

CinemaCon might sound a little like Comic-Con, but the vibe couldn’t be more different. While its San Diego counterpart is all about building buzz among the fans (many in costume), the Las Vegas-set CinemaCon is about studios showing love for movie theaters and exhibitors (or exhibitionists, as Jeff Goldblum hilariously greeted them). …there’s plenty of buzz-building and news-breaking that comes out of CinemaCon, as every major studio turns up to trot out celebrities and premiere never-before-seen footage from their biggest films.



CinemaCon Connects The Dots, Brings Fresh Movie Universes To The Fore

By Tobi Buackhage

Each year, exhibitors from across the globe descend on Las Vegas for a taste of the future. CinemaCon — the preeminent annual meet-up for movie exhibitors from every walk — offers a glimpse into the next 12 months of film and beyond, a look at what’s coming out, and why it should be viewed on the big screen.

CinemaCon 2016 was a shining example of a sweeping post-modern movement in cinema, not just from Disney and Warner Bros., but all studios. Indeed, today’s tentpole title must strive for both quality and ubiquity. Building a true movie universe is objective No. 1, and we saw that on display across the board in Sin City.



CinemaCon: Who Says Teenagers Don’t Go to the Movies?

By Pamela McClintock

The unlikely hero of the 2015 North American box office? Teenagers.

In 2015, 12- to 17-year-olds went to the movies more than any other age group on a per capita basis, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Motion Picture Association of America. This age group also saw the biggest year-over-year increase in terms of movie attendance, or nearly 1 percent.

“These numbers really jumped out at us,” said National Association of Theatre Owners president-CEO John Fithian. “Kids want to be social and not just text each other across the dinner table. They want to go experience something together as a group. The idea that teenagers are buried at home and that our business is dying is not true.”



2017 Oscar Predictions

By Anne Thompson

[Nate] Parker has already turned into a sought-after talent and was feted last week with CinemaCon’s breakthrough director award in Las Vegas; the first view of the Birth of a Nation trailer duly wowed exhibitors there, where early footage of Life of Pi and The Revenant also launched their respective Oscar campaigns.





CinemaCon 2016: Your guide to the movie theater convention and trade show
By Annlee Ellingson

With more than 230 exhibitors spread across three levels in two ballrooms and about a dozen corporate suites, the trade show “sold out earlier than we ever have before,” [Mitch] Neuhauser said. “We’ve actually expanded into more meeting rooms to accommodate more suite demands.”