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Release windows; record weekend

With movie theaters in the middle of an all-time record weekend in an all-time record year, the L.A. Times produces a useful round-up and look ahead at the theatrical release window:  Exhibitors have drawn a line in the sand, steadfastly resisting the compression of release dates that they view as a threat to their livelihood…. Read more »

Release Windows Widen

NATO has released its DVD release window tracking reports and they include some good news for movie theater owners. Year-to-date (as of 9/26/2007), the average release window has expanded by a full week – 4 months 18 days vs. 4 months 11 days for all of 2006. A few caveats. These tracking reports follow a moving… Read more »

Lionsgate makes another early DVD announcement

Skinwalkers is coming to DVD Nov. 27. Lionsgate made the announcement just 42 days after the film’s theatrical release. It’s final gross was $1,018,965. Do you think the fact the film failed miserably in the theatrical market has anything to do with the hair-trigger announcemnet? Let’s look back a bit shall we? The DVD release… Read more »

Cui bono?

Not content with simultaneous release of films in theaters, VOD and DVD, Mark Cuban’s newest idea is to release films to VOD up to three weeks before making it available to theaters. Who benefits? Cable operators, perhaps. Maybe subscribers to Cuban’s own HDNet. Who else? Oh yes – Mark Cuban. The importance of this strategy… Read more »

10,000 Screens, No Waiting

Super-wide releases have made it easier than ever for audiences to get in to see the latest blockbuster without having to wait because of sell-outs. If the showtime you want is full, wait 45 minutes and another screen will be available. This is a good thing for audiences, but it has had the less-than-desirable effect… Read more »