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"What we do is go to the movies."

That’s a quote from a wonderful L.A. Times article on this year’s booming box office under the comically generic headline “Box-office revenue up for 2009”. The piece goes somewhat deeper than the headline suggests, considering whether booming box office and increased attendance this year are economically-driven or if something fundamental is underway in the way… Read more »

This is not 2005

Interesting little quote from Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes: As if crushing debt, the recession, Netflix and Redbox weren’t enough, Blockbuster Inc. has a new foe: the booming box office. That’s according to Jim Keyes, chief executive of the struggling but still massive DVD rental chain, who on Thursday blamed much of his company’s weak performance… Read more »

Doing well by doing good

Even though box office and attendance are up over last year by double digits, the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina is trying to ease a little of the financial pressure on its patrons by offering free admissions every Wednesday. NBC Nightly News has the story.

Good times in bad times

Big media outlets are waking up to the phenomenal box office and admissions numbers being generated so far this year. On Sunday, the New York Times weighed in with the news that movie theaters are a bargain: Helping feed the surge is the mix of movies, which have been more audience-friendly in recent months as… Read more »