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N.Y. Times on the movie rating system

The New York Times’ movie critic A.O. Scott gets the ratings system better than almost anyone in the media. Mr. Dick’s film, a critique of the ratings system in the name of artistic freedom, dwells on the commercially fraught boundary between the R and NC-17 ratings, which caused problems for the directors of films like… Read more »

Slapped with an "R"

A little imagination, that’s all I’m asking for… I look forward to “elbowed with a PG-13,” “noogied with a PG,” “tickled with a G,” and “defenestrated with an NC-17”. Quite, seriously, if you’re not a parent, why do you care what the rating is at all? The ratings really aren’t talking to you. If you’re… Read more »

Utah governor vetoes "Truth in Advertising" bill

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed H.B. 353, an amendment to Utah’s Truth in Advertising law, that would declare that a deceptive trade practice occurs if a business publicly states that it will not sell a product labeled with an age restriction or advisory to anyone under the age specified and then in fact makes… Read more »

Q & A with Campbell and Fithian

Regal Entertainment Group Chairman and CEO Mike Campbell and NATO President and CEO John Fithian chat  about theatrical exhibition with The Hollywood Reporter’s Carl DiOrio.  Before getting outside the box office, they get right into it: THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Will summer 2008 set another new boxoffice record? CAMPBELL: We have a strong slate of films… Read more »

Freedom of Expression

NATO President John Fithian presents the first ShoWest/NATO Freedom of Expression Award to Ang Lee and James Schamus for their courage and integrity in releasing Lust, Caution with an NC-17 rating.