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One of these things is not like the other

The L.A. Times has an article in today’s paper speculating as to why some big budget films are failing at the box office this summer. Fine, as far as it goes.  Not so fine: the headline, “Summer movie season cooling off”; and the basic premise of the article. The summer movie season is more than… Read more »

Economic concerns don't inhibit moviegoing

Hot on the heels of Interpret LLC’s survey suggesting consumers are cutting back on moviegoing because of economic worries comes a report from the NPD Group asserting exactly the opposite. NPD’s “Entertainment Trends in America” reports that nearly 80 percent of frequent moviegoers plan to go to the theater the same amount or more often… Read more »

Wired does its homework

Betsy Schiffman, writing for Wired’s Epicenter blog, does the digging that the Wall Street Journal neglected. What is surprising is that the industry isn’t showing signs of a slowdown. In fact, this may shape up to be the second consecutive record-breaking summer at the box office. To some extent, inflation helps explain the phenomenon (rising… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal fails to do its homework

The Wall Street Journal ran an article today that sets a new standard of egregious ignorance in reporting on the movie theater industry. Using as its jumping-off point a study by Interpret LLC, the article contends that people may be giving up movie-going in favor of staying home. The proof? Interpret asked 1,000 people, in… Read more »