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Luxury and alcohol service at the movie theater

Village Roadshow sparked quite a bit of interest with its announcement of $35 a ticket luxury cinemas featuring restaurant and bar service. USA Today weighed in almost simultaneously with a story on alcohol service in movie theaters. The story leans heavily on the possibility of underage moviegoers being served alcohol. As part of the permitting… Read more »

Holy Hannah!

Disney’s 3D concert feature “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour” set box office records ovewr the weekend. It’s $29.1 million bow was the highest ever for a super bowl weekend, for a 3D film and for a film opening in less than 1,000 venues. According to Variety, Disney intends to extend the… Read more »

Is 3D the tail wagging the digital dog?

Prime 3D evangelist Jeffrey Katzenberg, NATO president John Fithian and Classic Cinema’s Chris Johnson talked 3D at ShowEast Tuesday. Katzenberg was enthusiastic: (T)he advent of 3-D filmmaking and exhibition also is “an opportunity for a game-changer for your business,” he told exhibitors filling a large ballroom at the Orlando Marriott World Center. But unlike digital… Read more »