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Q & A with Campbell and Fithian

Regal Entertainment Group Chairman and CEO Mike Campbell and NATO President and CEO John Fithian chat  about theatrical exhibition with The Hollywood Reporter’s Carl DiOrio.  Before getting outside the box office, they get right into it: THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Will summer 2008 set another new boxoffice record? CAMPBELL: We have a strong slate of films… Read more »

Bad economy, good movies

Nobody wants an economic downturn, but since it seems we’re in one, everybody seems to be wondering how the movies will do. It comes as no surprise to theater owners that hard times send people to movie theaters. Movie-going remains the least expensive form of out-of-home entertainment, as these charts show: Event Ticket Price %… Read more »

L.A. Times: Going to the movies is still a bargain

The L.A. Times Josh Friedman (“The Projector”) lays it out in a fair and thoroughly researched Sunday Business section front-pager:  Week in and week out, Projector exposes the often-bitter truth about Hollywood. On one point, though, he must back the industry line with gusto. Call Projector creaky, but nothing matches the moviegoing experience or offers… Read more »

British Summer Movie Montage

Our friends in the U.K. are running a cinema trailer compiling scenes from some of the big movies hitting the theater this summer. Courtesy of the Film Distributors Association. [flashvideo filename= /]

When the economy sags, do movie theaters get a lift?

Michael Brush, financial analyst for MSN Money, takes a historical look at box office performance during hard times and, despite what some analysts conclude, comes up with some hard numbers: Some industry analysts, including Hal Vogel of Vogel Capital Management, dispute the link between economic pullbacks and rising movie attendance. But for me, the evidence… Read more »