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Irony, much?

The Vail Daily reports on the closing of the last video store in Vail county. What technologically-savvy, cutting edge users of online rentals and Netflix do they find to explain the death of the video store? Two movie theater managers. That is just awesome topped with awesome sauce.

Utah governor vetoes "Truth in Advertising" bill

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed H.B. 353, an amendment to Utah’s Truth in Advertising law, that would declare that a deceptive trade practice occurs if a business publicly states that it will not sell a product labeled with an age restriction or advisory to anyone under the age specified and then in fact makes… Read more »

Doing well by doing good

Even though box office and attendance are up over last year by double digits, the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina is trying to ease a little of the financial pressure on its patrons by offering free admissions every Wednesday. NBC Nightly News has the story.

Economic concerns don't inhibit moviegoing

Hot on the heels of Interpret LLC’s survey suggesting consumers are cutting back on moviegoing because of economic worries comes a report from the NPD Group asserting exactly the opposite. NPD’s “Entertainment Trends in America” reports that nearly 80 percent of frequent moviegoers plan to go to the theater the same amount or more often… Read more »

Wired does its homework

Betsy Schiffman, writing for Wired’s Epicenter blog, does the digging that the Wall Street Journal neglected. What is surprising is that the industry isn’t showing signs of a slowdown. In fact, this may shape up to be the second consecutive record-breaking summer at the box office. To some extent, inflation helps explain the phenomenon (rising… Read more »