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"What we do is go to the movies."

That’s a quote from a wonderful L.A. Times article on this year’s booming box office under the comically generic headline “Box-office revenue up for 2009”. The piece goes somewhat deeper than the headline suggests, considering whether booming box office and increased attendance this year are economically-driven or if something fundamental is underway in the way… Read more »

British Summer Movie Montage

Our friends in the U.K. are running a cinema trailer compiling scenes from some of the big movies hitting the theater this summer. Courtesy of the Film Distributors Association. [flashvideo filename= /]

Yes, we're that powerful…

A little snippet from a Los Angeles Times opinion piece: “The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was once a force to reckon with. During the Cold War, it possessed formidable capabilities and real cohesion. No more. As a serious military enterprise, the alliance has all but ceased to exist. The “other” NATO — the National Assn…. Read more »

Why NC-17 matters

Ang Lee has cut approximately 30 minutes from his Venice Film Festival winner Lust, Caution in order for it to play on Chinese screens. China, which has no rating system requires all films to be suitable for all audiences or it will not be screened. According to Variety, the film may also be trimmed for… Read more »

3d needs digital first

Jeffrey Katzenberg continued his 3d evangelism at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam this week. Katzenberg is so high on the technology that he vowed all DreamWorks releases will be in 3d from 2009 onward. Katzenberg, a regular attendee at the European exhibition confab, said Monday that he regards the opportunities offered by 3-D digital as “unmissable”… Read more »