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Good times in bad times

Big media outlets are waking up to the phenomenal box office and admissions numbers being generated so far this year. On Sunday, the New York Times weighed in with the news that movie theaters are a bargain: Helping feed the surge is the mix of movies, which have been more audience-friendly in recent months as… Read more »

Box Office Boom

Box office is booming, and ABC News takes a look on the Friday before the Oscar telecast. If you look closely, yours truly has apparently gotten a new job as spokesman for the previously unknown “National Association of Theatregoers“.  Aside from the really ugly acronym (NATg), they don’t exist.  We really like theatregoers, but we… Read more »

Economic concerns don't inhibit moviegoing

Hot on the heels of Interpret LLC’s survey suggesting consumers are cutting back on moviegoing because of economic worries comes a report from the NPD Group asserting exactly the opposite. NPD’s “Entertainment Trends in America” reports that nearly 80 percent of frequent moviegoers plan to go to the theater the same amount or more often… Read more »