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Digital roll-out moves a step closer

The industry-wide digital cinema roll-out moved a step closer with Sony’s announcement that it had signed a VPF agreement with Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP), the consortium formed by AMC, Cinemark and Regal to manage their transition to digital. That leaves only Warner Bros. among the major studios to be without a VPF agreement for… Read more »

More on digital cinema self-financing panel at ShoWest

I would be deeply remiss if I didn’t bring your attention to this post on the digital cinema self-financing panel at ShoWest. Sperling Reich must have the fastest typing fingers in the West to nail down as much detail as he does here from a fast-paced lunch-time discussion. When Macdowell turned to Solomon to get… Read more »

DCIP signs digital cinema agreement with five studios

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP), a consortium of exhibitors Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Theatres and Cinemark, announced they have struck a deal with five Hollywood studios to support their digital cinema rollout. According to AP: Five Hollywood studios have agreed to help pay for a $1 billion-plus rollout of digital technology on about 20,000 movie… Read more »

Digital Cinema – it's gonna cost – who?

Digital Cinema Report has a nicely reported state-of-the-digital-deal story on it’s website.   Publisher Nick Dager starts it off with a bang: The answer lies in the fact that the studios, either by happenstance or by design, are taking a very passive-aggressive approach in their negotiations with DCIP. Several studios are demanding higher virtual print fees,… Read more »