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ShoWest Round-up (Pt. 2)

ShoWest 09 marked a change in  programming. Monday has in recent years been “International Day,” but with the increasing interconnectedness of the industry, it no longer made sense to separate out the international programming. Hence, Monday became the official opening day instead of the traditional Tuesday. Fox’s Jim Gianopulos kicked off the Opening Day luncheon… Read more »

Utah governor vetoes "Truth in Advertising" bill

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed H.B. 353, an amendment to Utah’s Truth in Advertising law, that would declare that a deceptive trade practice occurs if a business publicly states that it will not sell a product labeled with an age restriction or advisory to anyone under the age specified and then in fact makes… Read more »

Box Office Boom

Box office is booming, and ABC News takes a look on the Friday before the Oscar telecast. If you look closely, yours truly has apparently gotten a new job as spokesman for the previously unknown “National Association of Theatregoers“.  Aside from the really ugly acronym (NATg), they don’t exist.  We really like theatregoers, but we… Read more »