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Release windows; record weekend

With movie theaters in the middle of an all-time record weekend in an all-time record year, the L.A. Times produces a useful round-up and look ahead at the theatrical release window:  Exhibitors have drawn a line in the sand, steadfastly resisting the compression of release dates that they view as a threat to their livelihood…. Read more »

Movie theaters continue to not die

BusinessWeek has an article today explaining to its readers that movie theaters just might be a good investment. “People have assumed for years that home theater and DVDs were killing off the business,” says money manager Steve Birenberg, president of Northlake Capital Management and the media sector blogger for market research firm SNL Kagan. “Now… Read more »

Good times in bad times

Big media outlets are waking up to the phenomenal box office and admissions numbers being generated so far this year. On Sunday, the New York Times weighed in with the news that movie theaters are a bargain: Helping feed the surge is the mix of movies, which have been more audience-friendly in recent months as… Read more »

Out with the old box office record, in with the new…

The Hollywood Reporter weighs in with 2008’s projected box office tally from Nielsen EDI (the official keepers of the box office numbers for the MPAA and NATO) and it looks mighty sweet: Meanwhile, buoyed by good weekday numbers and potentially strong holds over the holiday weekend, overall domestic boxoffice is poised to set a record…. Read more »