Sundance 2018: Future of Theatrical Release and Independent Film Panel Sponsored by NATO

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NATO and The Hollywood Reporter hosted a panel at the Sundance Film Festival this year to talk about the current state of exhibition. We believe that having a presence at film festivals is a crucial part of telling good stories about the strength of exhibition. We want to make sure that filmmakers continue to aim for theatrical as their ultimate goal.

You can watch the entire panel here.

Key quotes:

Nikkole Denson-Randolph, Vice President Special and Alternative Content, AMC Theatres: “We think of our theaters as communal touch points. We cater to those communities. … Certain films can get noticed by certain communities. You have to look at each one differently.”

Fred Berger, producer of La La Land and I Think We’re Alone Now: “As long as I’ve been in the business people have said that cinema is dead, theatrical experience is over, cinemas are gone, and I’d wager that the rest of my lifetime and all of our lifetimes we’re all going to be going to the movies.”

Tom Quinn, Founder/CEO, Neon: “We know the kinds of filmmakers we want to work with and we believe that they are best suited to a theatrical experience.”

“Cinema for me is not just what filmmakers make, it’s how we release it, and it’s how we enjoy it together, and I think that’s crucial because it takes a commitment … it’s a commitment to get out of your house and go see a film. The films that demand that attention from you can challenge you more. Films that you are seeing at your beck and call on your iPad don’t demand as much of you.”

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