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 Get cracking, people. We’ve got a $4 billion summer to beat.



Date Distributor Title Formats Rating Release Pattern
4/23 MIT Stuff & Dough Flat NR NY
4/25 UNI Baby Mama Flat PG13 Wide
4/25 FOX Deception Scope R Wide
4/25 WB Harold And Kumar Escape From G Flat R Wide
4/25 THF Then She Found Me Flat R NY/LA
4/25 SPC Standard Operating Procedure Scope R NY/LA
4/25 ZTG Up the Yangtze Flat NR NY
4/25 FSR Without The King Digital NR NY
4/25 TRR Rogue Flat R Limited
4/25 IDC Dare Not Walk Alone NR Limited
4/25 NSTYL Plumm Summer, A Flat PG Limited
4/25 YRF Tashan Scope NR Limited
4/25 IDP/SGF Roman De Gare Scope R Limited
4/25 MGM Deal Flat PG13 Limited
4/25 IND Four Minutes (Vier Minuten) NR  LA
4/25 MUSIC Tuya’s Marriage (Tuya de hun s Flat NR  CHI
4/28 TBP Queen/Deep Purple Concert NR Limited
5/1 EMG La Rondine At La Fenice NR Limited
5/2 PAR Iron Man Scope PG13 Wide
5/2 SNY Made Of Honor Scope PG13 Wide
5/2 SPC Redbelt Scope R NY/LA
5/2 IDP/SGF Fugitive Pieces Flat R NY/LA
5/2 SVN Favor, The NR NY/LA
5/2 IFC Mister Lonely Scope NR NY
5/2 VFLM Viva Flat NR NY
5/2 PARVAN Son Of Rambow PG13 Limited
5/2 MONT Cry, The (Llorona, La) Digital R Limited
5/2 IND Indestructible Flat NR Exclusive
5/2 FIP Dark Matter Flat R  SF
5/2 THF Then She Found Me Flat R  Top 10
5/3 KID Sesame Street: Dinosaurs G Limited
5/9 WB Speed Racer Digital, IMAX PG Wide
5/9 FOX What Happens In Vegas Scope Wide
5/9 RSA Fall, The R NY/LA
5/9 MAG Surfwise Flat R NY/LA
5/9 IND Previous Engagement, A Scope NR NY/LA
5/9 THF Noise NY
5/9 CLBR Bloodline NR NY
5/9 THF Tracey Fragments, The NR NY
5/9 MIP/RSA Before The Rains Flat PG13 Limited
5/9 41INC Vice Flat R Limited
5/9 ERO Bhoothnath Scope NR Limited
5/9 ARNS America The Beautiful Flat R CHI
5/9 THF Then She Found Me Flat R  Expansion
5/9 FLP Meet Bill Flat R  Wide
5/9 MUSIC OSS 117: Cairo – Nest of Spies Flat NR  Limited
5/16 DIS Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince C Wide
5/16 IFC Sangre de Mi Sangre Scope NR NY
5/16 CGD Yella Flat NR NY
5/16 MIR Reprise  Flat R Limited
5/16 TER Short Order  Scope NR Limited
5/16 MAYA How the Garcia Girls Spent The Scope R Limited
5/16 CLBR Bloodline NR  LA
5/21 SND Edge Of Heaven, The Flat NY
5/21 FSR Jihad for Love, A NR NY
5/22 PAR Indiana Jones Kingdom of Cryst Digital, Scope Wide
5/23 EVNTF Uwe Boll’s Postal Scope R Wide
5/23 SPC Children Of Huang Shi, The Scope NY/LA
5/23 FLP War, Inc. Scope R NY/LA
5/23 SHEI Ghatothkach – Master of Magic NR Limited
5/23 MUSIC Tuya’s Marriage (Tuya de hun s Flat NR LA
5/30 UNI Strangers, The Scope R Wide
5/30 WB Sex And The City Flat Wide
5/30 THF Stuck NR NY/LA/CHI
5/30 IFC Savage Grace Flat NR NY
5/30 OUT Unknown Woman, The (Sconosciut Scope NR NY
5/30 PARVAN Foot Fist Way, The R Limited
6/4 ICAR Operation Filmmaker Flat NR NY
6/6 PAR Kung Fu Panda IMAX Wide
6/6 SNY You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Wide
6/6 SPC When Did You Last See Your Fat Scope PG13 NY/LA
6/6 TRR Promotion, The Scope NY/LA
6/6 FSR To The Limit (Am Limit) Flat NR NY
6/6 PICH Mongol Scope R Limited
6/6 MYRP Mother of Tears Scope NR Limited
6/6 FLP Miss Conception Scope LA
6/11 THF Encounters at the End of the W NR NY
6/13 UNI Incredible Hulk, The Wide
6/13 FOX Happening, The Flat Wide
6/13 IFC My Winnipeg Flat NR NY
6/13 EQL Forced Absence NR Limited
6/13 SHEI Mere Baap Pahle Aap NR Limited
6/13 SPC Baghead Flat Austin
6/20 WB Get Smart Digital, Flat PG13 Wide
6/20 PAR Love Guru, The Wide
6/20 SPC Brick Lane Scope PG13 NY/LA
6/20 CLBR Now & Later NR NY
6/20 PICH Kit Kittredge: An American Gir Limited
6/27 DIS WALL-E Wide
6/27 UNI Wanted Scope Wide
6/27 MIT Elsa & Fred (Elsa y Fred) Scope NR NY/LA
6/27 IDP/SGF Trumbo Flat NY/LA
6/27 IFC Last Mistress, The Flat NR NY
6/27 OSCIL Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot PG Limited
6/27 YRF Untitled Kunal Kohli Project NR Limited
6/27 CLBR Now & Later NR  LA
7/2 SNY Hancock Wide
7/2 PICH Kit Kittredge: An American Gir  Wide
7/3 SPC The Wackness Scope NY/LA
7/4 IFC Diminished Capacity Flat NR NY
7/4 SPC Baghead Flat  Expansion
7/11 WB Journey To The Center Of The E 3D, Flat PG Wide
7/11 UNI HB II Flat Wide
7/11 FOX Meet Dave Flat Wide
7/11 FLP August Scope NY
7/11 LGF Religulous Limited
7/11 OSCIL Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot PG  Expansion
7/18 WB Dark Knight, The Digital, IMAX Wide
7/18 UNI Mamma Mia! Wide
7/18 FOX Space Chimps Wide
7/18 IFC Mad Detective Scope NR NY
7/18 HNN Hounddog Digital, Flat Limited
7/18 TRR Lou Reed’s Berlin Flat Limited
7/18 SHD Man Named Pearl, A Flat NR  NY
7/23 TWC Boy A Flat Limited
7/25 SNY Step Brothers Scope Wide
7/25 MGM Longshots, The Wide
7/25 FOX X-Files: I Want To Believe Wide
7/25 OVR Henry Poole Is Here Scope Limited
7/25 MIR Brideshead Revisited Limited
7/25 PARVAN American Teen Limited
8/1 UNI Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Empe Scope Wide
8/1 FOX Rocker, The Flat Wide
8/1 NLC He’s Just Not That Into You Scope Wide
8/1 DIS Swing Vote Wide
8/1 SPC Frozen River NY/LA
8/1 IFC In Search Of A Midnight Kiss Flat NR NY
8/1 FLP Transsiberian Scope NY
8/1 FSL Choke R Limited
8/1 OVR Henry Poole Is Here Scope  Expansion
8/1 MIR Brideshead Revisited  Expansion
8/1 LGF Midnight Meat Train Scope R
8/8 SNY Pineapple Express Wide
8/8 WB Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pa PG13 Wide
8/8 SMT Fly Me To The Moon 3D, Large Format G Wide
8/8 WIP Towelhead Scope R NY/LA
8/8 TRR Hell Ride Limited
8/8 MIR Brideshead Revisited  Expansion
8/15 DW/PAR Tropic Thunder Wide
8/15 WB Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wide
8/15 FOX Mirrors Scope Wide
8/15 IFC Girl Cut In Two, A NR NY
8/15 YRF Bachna Ae Haseeno NR Limited
8/15 WIP Towelhead Scope R  Top 10
8/22 YFG Accidental Husband, The Flat PG13 Wide
8/22 UNI Wild Child Flat PG13 Wide
8/22 SNY House Bunny, The Wide
8/22 FREE Fifth Commandment, The Wide
8/22 MGM Crossing Over Wide
8/22 LGF Bangkok Dangerous Scope R Wide
8/22 SPC I Served the King of England Flat R NY/LA
8/22 THF Momma’s Man NY
8/22 FOC Hamlet 2 Digital, Flat Limited
8/22 WIP Towelhead Scope R  Expansion
8/27 FOC Hamlet 2 Digital, Flat  Wide
8/29 MGM College Flat R Wide
8/29 OVR Traitor Wide
8/29 FOX Babylon A.D. Scope PG13 Wide
8/29 LGF Untitled Friedberg/Seltzer Spo Wide
8/29 IFC Ballast Scope NR NY
8/29 TWC Vicky Cristina Barcelona Limited
8/29 ARNS Goal II: Living the Dream Scope NR Limited
8/29 FLP Sukiyaki Western Django Scope R Limited
9/3 VIT Pool, The NR NY
9/5 PICH Amusement Wide
9/5 TWC Vicky Cristina Barcelona  Wide
9/5 SNY Passengers

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