Paramount widens window

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Following up this post, Variety reports that Paramount is widening the release window on The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard.

 In an effort to assuage exhib concerns, Paramount did agree to push back the DVD launch of Jeremy Piven laffer “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” from Nov. 11 to late November. Had the release date stayed the same, “Live Hard” would have come out only 12½ weeks after its Aug. 24 release.

Although, Paramount did not move the disputed G.I. Joe DVD release – a skinny 88 days – it did assert that the narrow window was an exception, not a policy.

Par, besieged with calls from angry theater owners, held a number of discussions with exhibs. Studio told exhibs that “G.I. Joe’s” DVD launch was timed to the release of Hasbro’s corresponding toy line for the holiday season, and that it was the best thing for the franchise.

Given that DVD revenues have been down the last two years and continue down an estimated 13.9% this year, while theatrical box office has set records the last two years and is on pace to set another record this year, it isn’t surprising that distributors are sending movie theater owners some love.

“I think ultimately, Paramount remains committed to separate DVD and theatrical windows, and completely committed to protecting the moviegoing theatrical experience,” Paramount vice chair Rob Moore said.