NATO releases Digital Cinema System Requirements v2.0

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NATO has updated its Digital Cinema System Requirements. This is the first such update in 2 years.

Under the leadership of NATO’s digital cinema consultant Michael Karagosian and dedicated member volunteers, the new requirements updates some issues and breaks new ground in others, including

            – Operational requirements

            – Maintenance operations

            – Workflow requirements

            – System requirements for support of the blind, deaf, and hard-of-hearing.


A fresh review of the entire document was conducted, deleting some requirements no longer needed, and expanding or creating new section topics. Among the highlights,

 1) Exhibitor-driven universal theatre identification scheme introduced.

2) Establishes the requirement for a commodity digital cinema server.

3) New requirement for closed caption support.

4) Workflow automation requirements introduced.

5) TMS (Theater Management System) described in terms of 3 service functions, with detailed roles for each service.

                6) New requirements for exhibitor network security.


 If you have d-cinema systems installed in your theater, or are planning to install them, I encourage you to read it.


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