Cinema Buying Group – joining late is better than never

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The Cinema Buying Group has released a revised Particpation Agreement.

The new agreement entails the creation of a “Late Membership Class” comprising those who join CBG-NATO after the November 2 deadline who may, or may not, participate in the digital deal negotiated for CBG members. According to the Agreement:

The Participant understands and agrees that the Managing Director was obliged to provide potential digital vendors with a fixed membership roster so that the economics of providing equipment and service to CBG members could be calculated, and the RFP process concluded fairly. The Participant understands and acknowledges that-in addition to urging independent cinema owners to join CBG, repeatedly and in multiple forums, over the last two years-NATO sent notice of a CBG membership deadline of November 2, 2007 to all NATO members, that NATO requested that state and regional units circulate the notice to all of their members, and that notice of the membership deadline was posted on the CBG website. The Participant understands and agrees that by joining CBG after November 2, 2007, the Participant will belong to a “Late Membership Class,” and that participation in the digital cinema equipment and service deal negotiated for CBG members is not guaranteed, and/or that participation in the deal, at the vendor’s discretion, may not be on the same terms as provided to CBG members in good standing before November 3, 2007.

The Late Membership Class only applies to digital cinema equipment and services and does not affect any other aspect of CBG membership.


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