Cinema Buying Group chooses AccessIT

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The Cinema Buying Group announced today it has chosen AccessIT to be the digital cinema system integrator for the more than 8000 independent screens under the group’s umbrella.

Wayne Anderson, CBG managing director, complimented the quality of submissions from all vendors in the CBG’s Request for Proposal process.  In the end, he said, “AccessIT offered the winning package of extensive experience, exhibitor choice, and competitive cost.  Our mission is historic: ensure that independent cinemas survive and thrive in the digital age—and AccessIT proved its skill and determination to make that happen.”

More, from the press release:

The CBG began as a small buying program for independents—but mushroomed quickly into its current size and significance when it became an advertised vehicle for independents to acquire digital cinema equipment and service.  NATO’s vice president and general counsel, Kendrick Macdowell, said, “NATO’s commitment to the broadest possible digital deployment for our industry is well-known.  We’re proud to have worked with a man of Wayne Anderson’s stature to ensure that the march of digital cinema does not leave behind the vital independent segment of exhibition.”




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