NATO Releases Statement on Enthusiasm for Barbie and Oppenheimer


Statement on the entire weekend: “This was a phenomenal experience for people who love movies on the big screen,” beamed Michael O’Leary, the National Association of Theatre Owners new President & CEO. “It was a truly historic weekend and continues the positive box office momentum of 2023. More importantly, it proves once again that America loves going to the movies to see great films. People recognized that something special was happening and they wanted to be a part of it. Our partners in the creative community and at the studios gave audiences two uniquely different, smart and original stories that were meant for the big screen and movie lovers responded by gathering friends and family and heading to their local movie houses across the nation. The men and women who operate our theatres also responded by creating promotions and unique events to further enhance the moviegoing experience for enthusiastic movie lovers. This weekend is a shining example of how there is simply no substitute for seeing a motion picture in the cinema.”

7/20 Statement: “According to our estimates, we project that more than 200,000 moviegoers in North America will be enjoying an exciting same-day double feature of Barbie and Oppenheimer, in addition to the millions of worldwide moviegoers who are planning to see both films on different days this weekend,” says Michael O’Leary, President and CEO of NATO. “Movies have once again confirmed their power to capture our cultural imagination, with the cinema proving to be the ultimate place to go to be part of a shared experience. The excellent word of mouth on these movies, along with a diverse range of other thrilling titles, promises a continued upswing in attendance, validating that movie theaters are essential to our cultural landscape.”

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