NATO Celebrates Global Unity In Exhibition As The Industry Gathers For CineEurope


“CineEurope kicks off today in Barcelona, as the first half of a very strong year for global exhibition draws to a close. As more movies receive robust theatrical releases, there is no doubt exhibition, distributors and the creative community understand the importance of movies in the cinema,” said Michael O’Leary, NATO’s President & CEO.

“Going to the cinema is a global phenomenon connecting people through the impact of film and the joy of experiencing a great movie on the big screen. Under the leadership of UNIC, CineEurope brings together leaders from across Europe to celebrate film and discuss ways to make this industry continue to evolve and flourish. That is why it is important for NATO to be in Barcelona. This industry is stronger when everyone works together. I and the entire NATO team are committed to working with UNIC, and our partners from Europe and around the world to ensure the voices of the men and women that operate cinemas are heard.”

For live updates from CineEurope, please follow UNIC on Twitter.

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