(1) How many movie theatres and screens are there in the U.S. and Canada?

-Please visit the DATA page.

(2) I’m thinking of opening a movie theatre — what do I need to know?

-Plenty. We have a few ideas that might get you started.  Please visit our OPENING A THEATRE page to find out more.

(3) How do I become a NATO member?

-If you own or operate a for-profit movie theatre that is currently open, you can become a NATO member.  Please visit our APPLICATIONS page.

(4) How do I get a list of NATO member companies?

-NATO does not give out a list of members for solicitation purposes.  If you have a product to sell, we suggest you exhibit on the trade floor at CinemaCon.  However, the Encyclopedia of Exhibition does include a list of cinema companies and their main contact information.  Please visit the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EXHIBITION page to subscribe.

(5) What is the purpose of the ratings system? Who decides the rating for a movie? Where can I get ratings information?

-Those questions and more are answered on the RATINGS SYSTEM page.

(6) Where can I get showtimes for a movie?

-Many cinemas post showtimes on their individual homepages and hotlines.  In addition, there are several other resources online to find showtimes for your location.  NATO does not provide showtimes.