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The Great 3D Panic of 2011

Scott Mendelson provides a much-needed corrective to the “3D is dying” brouhaha: The sky is not falling in the realm of 3D films.  There has been much hand-wringing over the last couple weeks as moviegoers have embraced their right to choose to see the latest summer tent-poles in 2D over the higher-priced 3D venues.  For… Read more »

23 directors and producers sign letter opposing shrinking release windows

Twenty-three prominent directors and producers signed an open letter calling on the four studios involved in the early “premium video on demand” offering from DirecTV. The Hollywood Reporter covers it. One of the letter’s signers, former Fox studio chief Bill Mechanic, speaks at length with David Poland of Movie City News about the value of… Read more »

James Cameron opposes early premium VOD

Director James Cameron tells the N.Y. Times why he opposes early premium video on demand: “I do feel it’s not wise to erode your core business,” said Mr. Cameron. The problem, he said, is not that on-demand offerings will overlap with the theatrical run, since most films are out of most theaters within a month…. Read more »

Establishing a price point without customers

The Wrap details some of the options theater owners have in response to shortening the theatrical release window for “premium” video on demand. What stands out for me, amidst the arguments pro and con and the throat-clearing before the main event, is the remarkable logic behind this: Curiously, the distribution executive TheWrap spoke to Tuesday… Read more »