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3d needs digital first

Jeffrey Katzenberg continued his 3d evangelism at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam this week. Katzenberg is so high on the technology that he vowed all DreamWorks releases will be in 3d from 2009 onward. Katzenberg, a regular attendee at the European exhibition confab, said Monday that he regards the opportunities offered by 3-D digital as “unmissable”… Read more »

Canada makes camcording in theaters a crime

Canada’s anti-camcording bill became law Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. On Friday, MPAA chief Dan Glickman applauded the bill’s passage. “By adopting this legislation, the Canadian government has taken a significant step toward reducing the proliferation of camcords generated in Canadian cinemas,” Glickman said. “It demonstrates that the Canadian government understands that all it… Read more »

Weekend Box Office 6/22 -6/24

Weekend Box Office 1 Evan Almighty Universal $32,112,000 2 1408 MGM $20,175,000 3 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fox $20,150,000 4 Ocean’s Thirteen WB $11,345,000 5 Knocked Up Universal $10,636,000 6 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Disney $7,215,000 7 Surf’s Up Sony $6,700,000 8 Shrek the Third Paramount/DW $5,754,000 9 Nancy… Read more »

'Sicko' to open early

The pre-release pirating of Sicko has already had one effect on the film’s reception in theaters – it’s opening a week early. Variety reports the documentary will bow a week earlier than planned in New York, followed by sneak previews at 43 theaters in more than 30 markets Saturday. The film will then expand to… Read more »

NC-17 – Use It or Lose It

Entertainment Weekly posts a provocative dissection of the movie rating system from its June 22 edition online. Writer Mark Harris, prompted by the extreme and sexualized violence of Hostel II receiving an R rating, puts his finger firmly on some of the weaknesses of the rating system as it now exists: The hypocrisies of the… Read more »