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Weekend Box Office 7/6-7/8

Film Distributor Weekend Total Gross Transformers Paramount/DreamWorks $70,502,384 $155,405,412 Ratatouille Disney $29,014,293 $109,531,598 Live Free or Die Hard Fox $17,730,149 $84,424,123 License to Wed Warner Bros. $10,422,258 $17,838,076 Evan Almighty Universal $8,719,135 $78,706,785 1408 MGM $7,088,979 $53,738,325 Knocked Up Universal $5,222,680 $132,089,425 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fox $4,239,993 $123,881,586 Sicko Lionsgate $3,600,179… Read more »

Pirates – accidental and arrested

Die Hard was living free on the internet – unthinkingly posted on an independent film upload site – according to Variety’s Anne Thompson. Iklipz discovered the posting, removed it and alerted the film’s distributor. New York gave its municipal anti-camcording law its first workout Monday night at a screening of Transformers when NYPD caught an… Read more »

Weekend Box Office 6/29-7/1

Weekend Box Office 1 Ratatouille Disney $47,227,000 2 Live Free or Die Hard Fox $33,150,000 3 Evan Almighty Universal $15,089,000 4 1408 MGM $10,610,000 5 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fox $9,000,000 6 Knocked Up Universal $7,418,000 7 Ocean’s Thirteen Warner Bros. $6,050,000 8 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Disney $5,015,000… Read more »

July Release Calendar

6/29/2007 Title Rating Distributor Apne NR Shemaroo Entertainment Inc. Doulos, Le (re) NR Rialto Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox NR Balcony Releasing Evening PG-13 Focus Features Falling NR Kino International Nitro NR VivaFilm One To Another NR Strand Releasing Raison Du Plus Faible, La NR Metropole Films Ratatouille G Buena Vista Vitus PG Sony Pictures Classics… Read more »

3d needs digital first

Jeffrey Katzenberg continued his 3d evangelism at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam this week. Katzenberg is so high on the technology that he vowed all DreamWorks releases will be in 3d from 2009 onward. Katzenberg, a regular attendee at the European exhibition confab, said Monday that he regards the opportunities offered by 3-D digital as “unmissable”… Read more »