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N.Y. Times on the movie rating system

The New York Times’ movie critic A.O. Scott gets the ratings system better than almost anyone in the media. Mr. Dick’s film, a critique of the ratings system in the name of artistic freedom, dwells on the commercially fraught boundary between the R and NC-17 ratings, which caused problems for the directors of films like… Read more »

It's National Popcorn Day!

I don’t know who’s in charge of deciding these things, but according to the Popcorn Board it’s National Popcorn Day. Some suggest the day is marked whichever day the Super Bowl is held, but you don’t need a super bowl: you can order a small, medium or large at your local movie theater, where it’s… Read more »

Release windows; record weekend

With movie theaters in the middle of an all-time record weekend in an all-time record year, the L.A. Times produces a useful round-up and look ahead at the theatrical release window:  Exhibitors have drawn a line in the sand, steadfastly resisting the compression of release dates that they view as a threat to their livelihood…. Read more »

$10 billion

Sometime today, on a calendar year basis, domestic box office will pass $10 billion for the first time ever. Through yesterday, more than $9.992 billion worth of tickets had been sold, which means (if my calculations are correct – and they are) the $10 billion mark should have been reached right about now. It’s a… Read more »