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Cui bono?

Not content with simultaneous release of films in theaters, VOD and DVD, Mark Cuban’s newest idea is to release films to VOD up to three weeks before making it available to theaters. Who benefits? Cable operators, perhaps. Maybe subscribers to Cuban’s own HDNet. Who else? Oh yes – Mark Cuban. The importance of this strategy… Read more »

Captain Picard to the Holodeck!

Performance-capture studio Mova and Gentle Giant Studios unveiled a new “persistence of motion” 3D system at Sigggraph this week. What that means is that the system allows 3D mdeling of images in the round – not just on a flat screen. Star Trek: TNG here we come. According to Mova founder Steve Perlman: “(In time)… Read more »

'Bourne' bags August Record

The Bourne Ultimatum debuted to an August record $70.1 million this weekend, nearly beating the combined opening grosses of the first two installments of the franchis. The rest of the weekend box office is here.

Good Stealing, Bad Stealing

(Originally posted August 2nd, 2007 @ 10:01 am.) A 19-year-old woman was arrested for recording part of Transformers at Regal’s Ballston Common 12 in Arlington, VA July 17. The Washington Post has the story: Sejas was enjoying the movie so much that she decided to film a short clip of the sci-fi adventure’s climax to… Read more »

Upcoming Releases

Aug 3-5 Underdog Disney PG Bratz Lionsgate PG The Bourne Ultimatum Universal PG-13 Scope El Cantante PictureHouse R Flat Hot Rod Paramount PG-13 Scope The Ten ThinkFilm R Blame It On Fidel Koch Lorber Flat If I Didn’t Care Artistic License The Willow Tree New Yorker Flat Becoming Jane Miramax PG Naya Daur Shemaroo Cash… Read more »