Monthly Archives: April 2009

ShoWest Round-up (Pt. 2)

ShoWest 09 marked a change in  programming. Monday has in recent years been “International Day,” but with the increasing interconnectedness of the industry, it no longer made sense to separate out the international programming. Hence, Monday became the official opening day instead of the traditional Tuesday. Fox’s Jim Gianopulos kicked off the Opening Day luncheon… Read more »

ShoWest isn't only about the stars

Patrick von Sychowski at Celluloid Junkie has a marvelous post about ShoWest: I will personally never forget my first ShoWest, unsuspectingly getting dragged into a 15 minute demonstration of the miracle that was spray-on substance made from oranges to remove chewing gum from carpets. I was too timid to explain that I was just a… Read more »

ShoWest Round-up (Pt.1)

There was much to talk about at ShoWest 2009, but frankly, I’m much too tired to do it. Instead, here are some of the big events and the media and blogs reporting them. Celluloid Junkie on the Opening Day “How to Stay Ahead of the Curve” seminar: When it came to the topic of the… Read more »